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    Greeting Hunters!

    I have noticed throughout the time Oxyrise has been up, people have been banned for a using 'Not allowed mods'. Now, what that is, is a mod that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, like hacked client. So we have created a list of allowed and disallowed mods with details to why they are/are not allowed on our servers.

    Allowed mods:

    Optifine is a mod that is mostly used for boosting FPS (Frames per second) so it is perfectly fine to use! It is also used for other things like connected textures, or a swaggy cape on your back!

    Better Sprint:
    Better Spring is a mod that makes you able to press a button (and toggle) to sprint, and is a very useful addition for PvP and just Minecraft in general. However it is not banned because it is already sort of in default Minecraft. (You can just press the CRTL button)

    Direction/Armor/Potion Status Hud:
    These include, but are not limited to mod packs such as:
    - 5zig
    - LabyMod
    - bspkrs
    - InGameInfoXML
    - LiteLoader

    Damage Indicators:
    Damage Indicators displays the health of another mob/player which is a useful addition for PvP as it shows the hearts of a player mid battle. It is allowed as it has been a feature on our server where it displays a players hearts under their tag.

    Minimaps that do not show players, mobs, or caves are welcome. Examples include Journey Map's Fair-Play edition and Zan's Minimap Fair-play edition. The features that are not allowed on our servers are:
    Player radar, Underground maps, entities and armor showing. Features that don't modify the map to give a great advantage (Zoom, Circle instead of square on certain maps, etc) are allowed.

    All shaders does is make the world look more fabulous, nothing that shouldn't be allowed on Oxyrise;P

    Replay mod:
    The replay mod will allow you to go through your recent game and spectate giving a different viewpoint for your next edit.

    Schematica allows you to store a image of a schematic file for you to rebuild a cannon, base design, etc on the server. This is perfectly fine to use as long as the 'printer' feature is not used.

    Printer is allowed to be used on the Cannon Training server only but if used on any other realm, it will result in a ban.

    Tabby Chat:
    Tabby Chat will put chat into different sections allowing you to keep your private messages near you at all times while getting rid of spam for yourself.

    Misc. Mods:
    Mods that will edit things like Font or Music are allowed as they don't give advantages over players.

    Unacceptable mods we are frequently asked about:
    Hacked / cracked clients:

    Hacked clients such as Resilience, Huzuni and many others are strictly forbidden on Oxyrise as they alter your game entirely to an extent. Like every blacklisted mod, you will be permanently banned using any of these.

    BetterPvP gives you things such as fast eat, which are not allowed on Oxyrise, as it gives an advantage.

    LabyMod 3.0:
    LabyMod 3.0 has damage indicators which puts players hearts above their head even if they are invis, as this is a form of tracers it is not allowed on Oxyrise

    Macros allow you to press a key, also known as a "hotkey", and it will execute a command, such as clicking P and you will do /eat (Or feed). This is banned because it is not fair to other players as they will still have to eat. Auto-clickers are obvious on what they do, by clicking itself and you not having to do anything. Scripts allow you to run certain tasks constantly without needing to do anything for it to work. For all those banned for this reason, saying "I put a paperweight/something on my spacebar" does not work in an appeal.

    X-ray texture packs:
    X-ray texture packs, or texture packs that lets you find caves are not allowed, as it is the same as using X-ray on a hacked client. Thus, it is banned.

    Misc. Mods:
    Name tag mods, self explanatory, you can see name tags clearly from a distance. This is not allowed and any that give you an advantage over players that would be unfair.

    For those "Cheeky" players that think just because it was not mentioned on here, it is allowed. That is not the case, any modification that gives you an advantage over players will result in a permanent global ban.

    The unacceptable mods section is not a complete list.
    This is a list that simply covers some of the most frequently asked about mods. ANY mod that gives you an advantage over other players would be considered black listed and should not be used. If you decide to claim that 'it was not listed' in your ban appeal after been caught using a mod giving an advantage, it will be denied.

    These lists are subject to change at any time.

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