1. No Hacked CLIENTS, Hacking, threats to hack.
Using clients, resource packs, macros/programs that modify your gaming experience in a way that
would give you an unfair advantage over the rest of the player base, against other players or staff will result in a ban without warning. This may include threats or wishes to DDoS, Dox or Hack you.

To ensure that you what you are using is allowed, the permitted mods / clients for the server can be found here. If you use any disallowed mods or mods that give an unfair advantage over another player, you will receive a punishment for doing so. If a mod is not stated on the list, feel free to ask staff on whether or not it is allowed.

1st Offence [Hacked Client/Threats]: Permanent Global Ban (With the possibility of further punishment)

1st Offence [DDoSing & Doxing]: Permanent Global Ban WITHOUT the chance of an unban (No unban can be obtained via Appeals/Purchased Unbans) - Further punishments can also follow.

2. No Advertising
Putting a link/IP in chat that relates to another server (where the content is unrelated to the server) may result in a punishment.

1st Offence: Formal Global Warning (If the advertisement is accidental and not done to steal players from our network)
2nd Offence: Permanent Global Ban (lesser offences can be appealed on the Forums)

3. No Botting, Scripting, Automated commands, etc.
Although the use of a Console Client is allowed, we do not allow all functionalities that allow for the automation of a process through bots, scripts, etc. You may only use a Console Client to auto-reconnect to the server but any other actions automated (or done constantly) with a Console Client are not allowed no matter what they may be. For example: using scripts or alike, to automate commands and actions such as running /sell inv, typing messages or anything similar is not allowed.

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The Oxyrise Network server will be open any time this day, and
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1.) DONT USE HACKED CLIENTS Hacker Spotted? Report it to the staff online by doing this command /report or make a vid of it. Hacks is for noobs! Play fair.
NO ADVERTISING Dont advertise another IP in our server you might get permanently banned!
SWEARING cause you just got rekt by a player who you fought? Its just a game! Deal with it!
6.) No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
7.) No Racist or Sexist Remarks.
8.) No Mods/Hacks
9.) No Power Abuse
10.) No Spamming
11.) No Cursing/No Constant Cursing

List of ban/mute/tempban if they dint follow the rules
Using hacks can be banned for 7 days
Advertising the ip in server can be mute for 2 days
Swearing/Racist/Spamming or Sexism can be mute for 1 day
Asking for Items/OP/Ranks can be mute for 2 days
Power Abuse can be banned for 2 days

If you see some players doesnt following the rules just do /report (IGN) (Reason)
Thank you and Godbless Mabuhay!
The server is currently under development.